fireSafety medalThe Fire Safety Commendation Medal is presented to an individual for accomplishments and/or outstanding contributions in an area of fire safety and service. The award is not limited to firefighters. It may be presented to recognize a variety of fire safety and service that has evolved into a highly technical and skilled profession with constant study, development and involvement by numerous dedicated citizens with a single goal - protect human life and property by preventing injuries or casualties due to fire and chemicals. The medal may be presented posthumously.

Publication: The names of all recipients are published annually. Each awarding chapter and state society forwards a short written description of the background and accomplishments of the recipients, together with dates, places and names.

You will need to describe why you feel the person is deserving of the award on the nomination form. This description should touch on the following: an achievement which emphasizes and encourages the virtue of good citizenship by showing that the individual being nominated exemplifies that virtue; the impact of the achievement and how the achievement enriched the lives of others; what made this an outstanding achievement - indicate any extraordinary circumstances for challenges the nominee faced, if applicable include statistics or historical background; how the nominee has touched the lives of others or their life; examples of ongoing leadership and dedication; how long you have known the nominee; and when the achievement was initiated and completed.