goodCitizen thumbThe Bronze Good Citizenship Medal is a multi-purpose award designed to recognize individuals whose community achievements are noteworthy. It can be presented to both adults and minors alike. The medal was originally designed as a medallion, but a ribbon and clasp were added in 1932 to convert it to a medal. Click on the image to see the full medal.

A good nomination candidate for the medal is someone who has served their community over an extended period with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition. Citizens can be nominated by a peer, colleague, friend or even family member for their dedication to making their community a better place. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Awards must be accepted in person at a regular meeting of the Society.  Lunch for the recipient will be provided at no charge, and an opportunity to speak to the membership will be offered, although it is not required.

 The following are some examples for potential recipients of this award:

  1. Community Involvement: An individual who has served their community over an extended period with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition.  For example, a past recipient organized an annual prom for special-needs teens for many years.  Another founded an animal rescue organization that placed hundreds of abandoned animals.  Recipients are "regular citizens" who saw a need and did what they could what they had to make their community better.  They are everyday heroes that inspire us and remind us of what being a good citizen of our Republic can be.
  2. School Involvement: The outstanding high school student in his/her school considering both citizenship and scholarship. For example, a high school senior or junior based on a combination of overall scholarship and citizenship.  Activity focused on American history is favored. This should be a young person who shows extraordinary potential through activity and accomplishment that sets him/her apart from their peers.

You will need to describe why you feel the person is deserving of the award on the nomination form. This description should touch on the following: an achievement which emphasizes and encourages the virtue of good citizenship by showing that the individual being nominated exemplifies that virtue; the impact of the achievement and how the achievement enriched the lives of others; what made this an outstanding achievement - indicate any extraordinary circumstances for challenges the nominee faced, if applicable include statistics or historical background; how the nominee has touched the lives of others or their life; examples of ongoing leadership and dedication; how long you have known the nominee; and when the achievement was initiated and completed.

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Nominate someone you know in our community who deserves recognition.  You do not have to be an SAR member to nominate or receive the SAR awards listed in this section.  Review the criteria for awards available, and submit your nomination by clicking the button below.

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