The Bronze Good Citizenship Medal is a multi-purpose award designed to recognize individuals who have whose community (i.e., school, locality or state) achievements are noteworthy. It can be presented to both adults and minors alike. The medal was originally designed as a medallion, but a ribbon and clasp were added in 1932 to convert it to a medal.


The following are some examples for presenting this award:

  1. Community Involvement: An individual who has made an important contribution to the community that is not as significant as those contributions that would qualify for the Silver Good Citizenship Medal.
  2. School Involvement: The outstanding high school student in his/her school considering both citizenship and scholarship. The exact criteria is at the discretion of the presenting authority (i.e., it could be presented to a high school senior or junior based on overall scholarship and citizenship; or to a high school student with the highest grades in American history; or a high school student with the best record in citizenship, etc.).
  3. U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC): This medal is authorized for presentation to a cadet in the U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) to an Outstanding Cadet as nominated by his/her Commanding Officer. Eligibility criteria: The award is presented to a cadet who (1) is in the NSCC Program (not the NLCC Program), (2) is in his or her last, or next to last, year in the NSCC program, (3) has attained the rank of Petty Officer Second Class or above; (4) is in good standing militarily and scholastically at the time of selection and presentation; (5) demonstrates a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing, and excellence in the performance of duties; (6) has the potential for greater leadership responsibilities; and (7) is recommended by the unit Commanding Officer. (See Bronze ROTC Medal summary for more information).

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