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Part of the Sons of the American Revolution's charter is to recognize ordinary citizens who have accomplished extraordinary things in our community. One of the ways we do this is by awarding medals for various forms of public service--good citizenship.  There are six medals awarded to adults by the SAR.  The Law Enforcement, Fire safety, EMS, Heroism and Life Saving Medals all have narrowly defined criteria. 

The Good Citizenship Medal is designed to recognize anyone that makes the community better, anyone who goes beyond themselves to serve others in their neighborhood without regard for monetary or other reward.  Someone whom you admire and and would like to see them thanked publicly for the good they have done over the long term.

Please review the criteria for each medal below.  If you feel you know someone who qualifies, take the time to nominate that individual. There is absolutely no cost to the recipent of an award.

goodCitizen thumbThe Bronze Good Citizenship Medal is a multi-purpose award designed to recognize individuals whose community achievements are noteworthy. It can be presented to both adults and minors alike. The medal was originally designed as a medallion, but a ribbon and clasp were added in 1932 to convert it to a medal. Click on the image to see the full medal.

A good nomination candidate for the medal is someone who has served their community over an extended period with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition. Citizens can be nominated by a peer, colleague, friend or even family member for their dedication to making their community a better place. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Awards must be accepted in person at a regular meeting of the Society.  Lunch for the recipient will be provided at no charge, and an opportunity to speak to the membership will be offered, although it is not required.

lawEnforcement medalThe Law Enforcement Commendation Medal is presented to those who have served with distinction and devotion in the field of law enforcement. The medal is intended to recognize exceptional service or accomplishment in the field of law enforcement. Eligibility is not limited to peace officers but extends to the entire range of persons who make and enforce the law to include but not limited to peace officers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors and legislators who have performed an exceptional act or service beyond that normally expected. The medal may be presented posthumously.

fireSafety medalThe Fire Safety Commendation Medal is presented to an individual for accomplishments and/or outstanding contributions in an area of fire safety and service. The award is not limited to firefighters. It may be presented to recognize a variety of fire safety and service that has evolved into a highly technical and skilled profession with constant study, development and involvement by numerous dedicated citizens with a single goal - protect human life and property by preventing injuries or casualties due to fire and chemicals. The medal may be presented posthumously.

emsMedalThe Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal is presented to an individual for accomplishments and/or outstanding contribution in an area of emergency medical services. The award is intended for paramedics and certified Emergency Medical Technicians and others in the emergency medical field who have performed an act or service beyond that normally expected. The medal may be presented posthumously.

heroismMedalThe Heroism medal recognizes outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger, i.e., acts which involve great personal courage and risk to the recipient. It is intended primarily for acts by civilians not in uniform but does not exclude police, firemen, and SAR members. It is not intended to recognize acts that would have been covered by armed forces medals for valor. The medal may also be presented posthumously.

lifeSaving medalThe SAR Life Saving Medal is presented to those individuals who have acted to save a human life without necessarily placing their own life or themselves in imminent danger. The medal is intended primarily for acts by civilians not in uniform, however, police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personal, lifeguards, and SAR Compatriots are not excluded from receiving this award. The medal is not intended to recognize acts that would otherwise qualify for military or another organization’s valor medals and, in all cases, the fact that the actions of the rescuer actually saved the life of the victim must be validated by EMS or medical personnel.

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Nominate someone you know in our community who deserves recognition.  You do not have to be an SAR member to nominate or receive the SAR awards listed in this section.  Review the criteria for awards available, and submit your nomination by clicking the button below.

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