The Woodson family comes from England. The immigrant ancestor was Dr. John Woodson of Devonshire, who came to Jamestown on the George in April 1619. He was a surgeon with a company of soldiers sent to defend the colony against Indian attacks.

John Woodson was born about 1730 in Goochland County, Virginia, the son of Josiah Woodson and Mary Royall. John Woodson married Dorothea Randolph, the daughter of Colonel Isham Randolph of Dungeness, on October 1751. They had twelve children:

Jane Woodson, Elizabeth Woodson, Josiah Woodson, Isham Woodson, Susanna Woodson, John Woodson, Martha Woodson, Judith Woodson, Sarah Woodson, Mary Woodson, Lucy Woodson, and Anne Woodson.

John inherited his father’s plantation and homestead near Dover in Goochland County. John was a vestryman in 1756. John was a member of the House of Burgesses from 1769-1771. He was a member of the Conventions of 1774, 1775 and 1776. John was sheriff of Goochland County, Virginia from 1778-1789.

During the Revolutionary War, John Woodson served as a colonel in the Goochland County Militia. John Woodson died at his home in Goochland County in December 1789.

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