The family of Timothy Sexton, Sr., emigrated from Ireland about 1653 and settled in New Jersey.  Timothy was born there in 1750 and when the Revolution came, he enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777.  He served in an Infantry Company commanded by Captain Henry Dickinson of Morristown, New Jersey.  They were part of the New Jersey 3rd Regiment under the command of Colonel William Dayton and Brigadier General William Maxfield.  He saw action in the battles of Brunswick, Amboy, Wertfield, Monmouth, Staten Island, Long Island and New York.

In 1782 he married Esther Sisel in South Carolina.  They raised five sons. In 1782-83, he fought the Catawba Indians under the command of Captain James Twaddle and Colonel Hill.  For his service, he was deeded fifty-five acres of land in what would become Tennessee.  He settled in what is now Scott County.

In 1821, Timothy Sexton, Sr. went blind and applied for a Soldier’s Pension.  Four years later he was required to show that he was financially needy. A representative of the Court assessed his Net Worth as $119.25.  His inventory was thirty acres of land on Cumberland Mountain, of which twenty acres have been cleared, a small cabin, one 12-year old horse, two cows, three sows, seven sheep, two old beds, one pot, one skillet, six plates, one basin, three old knives and three forks. He made his mark on the affidavit and it was duly witnessed by a member of the Court. In about 1827 he was awarded a Soldier's Pension of $8 a month.  He died in 1832.

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