Patriot Eber Rice was born 10 Oct 1755 at New Marlboro in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He was the son of Waity Allen (1732-1816) and Stephen Rice (1720-1806). He married Mary Alcott in Tinmouth, Rutland County, Vermont on April 2nd or 3rd 1788.

While residing in Tinmouth, Rutland County, VT, 3 July 1776, Eber Rice enlisted in the Revolutionary War. He served thirty days as a private in Capt. Ebenezer Allen's Company of Vermont Rangers; Capt. Gideon Bronson's Detachment, raised for the immediate defense of the frontiers of VT in 1776.

Eber served in Capt. Thomas Sawyer Regiment, 7 months and 4 days in 1778. He served in Capt. John Spafford's Company; Col. Eben Allen's Regiment of Militia in the State of Vermont for service done in an alarm, commencing the 10th day and ending the 11th day of June 1781.

Pension File Abstract: "VT Line, W. 22085. Soldier applied for pension on 22 Feb 1833 at Florence in Oneida County New York. Soldier died in Florence on 13 Nov 1837. His widow applied in Florence on 1 Aug 1839 at age 74. Children shown were: Phares, Josiah, Seth, Nancy, Stephen, Mary, Sabinna and Matilda."

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