patriotPeter Hines was descended from a Londonderry, Ireland family that settled in Jamestown, Virginia, in October of 1650, having arrived on the sloop Anne Bolyn. Peter Hines, the son of Wlliam Hines and Elizabeth Gross of Montrose Planation in Surrey County, Virginia, was born in 1717 in Surrey County, Virignia.

Peter Hines married Elizabeth Edmunds, and had five children: Elizabeth Hines (1751), Mary Hines, Henry Hines, Peter Hines, and Anne Hines. Peter Hines moved to Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in 1768. He owned land on the Tar River and on the Gouger Branch, as well as a saw mill on Town Creek. Peter Hines did public service during the Revolutionary War.


Peter Hines’ will is dated November 15, 1783, and was made in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.


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