Interesting Web Links

The Founding Fathers: Birth of the American Spirit (2010)

Winning Essay by Jennifer Newman.

The Keys to Creating the Perfect Government (2009)

Winning Essay by Amanda Kopp.

Blue Star Moms

Supporting the Troops!

George Washington (2006)

Winning Essay by Monte Melnick.

Importance of Our Constitution (1999)

Winning Essay by Jason Harper.

George Washington (1999)

An Essay by David Garner.

DAR Library

Benjamin Franklin (1998)

An Essay by Jocelyn Alvarez.

An Example of an American (1997)

An Essay by Amanda Enstrom.

Burning the Flag (1996)

Winning oration of Amanda Enstrom.

Two Men (1996)

A poem by Marilyn Hoffacker.

Washington's Farewell Address (1796)

Washington's advice to his country.

The Declaration of Independence (1776)

The Federal Constitution of 1789

The Bill of Rights

The Works of Thomas Paine

Presidential Inaugural Addresses 1789-1989

More on Presidential Inaugural Addresses

From a site dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt.

The Star Spangled Banner

 Inspired Our National Anthem.

The Treaty of Paris (1783)

 Treaty ending Revolutionary War.

The Magna Charta (1215)

 The charter of English liberties.

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